Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blog Holiday?

To anyone who may be hanging in there with the cookie project, I assure you that all is still well and I have survived the first 6 months of this endeavor with cookies intact and on time; 27 weeks down, 25 to go.  Although, I obviously can't say the same for my blogging.   It's summer and it's a short season here in Buffalo regardless of what the calendar tells you. So there's a lot to cram in to just a few months time - and between the baking, the writing, the biking, the running and the occasional mandatory swim I've been forced to let a few things slide.  My time crunch and the consequences of my lack of proper training will no doubt be revealed at this weekends half ironman race. And when it comes to the cookie project and baking vs writing, unlike swimming vs cycling where the bike will win hands down every time, I really do enjoy them both, but something had to give and figured it better not be the cookies!

So contrary to what my blog may lead you to believe, the past two weeks did have cookies, lots of them, and some that were even worth writing about - well, if not the cookies themselves, then certainly the circumstances surrounding them! Yes, I've got some catching up to do - because some things really need do to be shared and celebrated, even if it comes a little late.  So you can rest assured, I'm taking time and making plans and will get all of my 'homework' done before I head out for my weekend race!

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  1. Wow you got to make cookies like a big girl! Ann and I made easy bake oven crap(ask her about crazy cake)Miss you ML! Niki