Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Door Opens

A red door is often seen as a great big 'Welcome" sign to those who consider walking through. At Gilda's Club we’ve been very fortunate to have Program Director Susan Lichtblau as an integral part of our team well before, and ever since, our own "Red Door" on the corner of Delaware and Ferry Street officially opened here at Gilda’s Club Western New York back in November of 2004.
Susan, as of June 30th, is now officially the “Newly Retired Program Director” and it was fitting that on her last day of work she spent time with staff, club members, and friends -- telling stories, eating cookies, reminiscing and celebrating her myriad contributions to Gilda’s Club.  Susan’s ability to passionately share the “Gilda” message is second only to her ability to laugh at just about anything; a quality that I’m sure Gilda would have considered a prerequisite for any staff member! 
So as another door opens for Susan, and she goes forward in her next new adventure, we could not ask for a better friend and advocate … this red door is always open, and we all look forward to sharing many more good times, wine, and of course ... cookies.
(A "Guest Blog" with Heidi from Gilda's Club)

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