Thursday, May 27, 2010

Looking for a 'Do Over'

Nah .. not with the cookies - I managed to get a big batch of Light Toffee Biscotti and some old fashioned Peanut Butter cookies (from my Mom's own original 'Joy of Cooking') out to Gilda's Club and Ronald McDonald House this week before I had to head out of town for a few days for a work conference (so I get a pass on the late Blog update too) and hoping I didn't upset anyone's routine by dropping them off on a Tuesday!

So yes, the cookies were fine, but what was more distressing to me this week was all the bad press focused on Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.  Well, not just bad press, but embarrassing video and cold hard facts.  She's had some issues in the past, but you always got the impression that she was being unfairly portrayed and hounded by the British Press.  My impression of her was that she was feisty and did what she had to to protect and provide for her daughters and stand up to the Queen.  In person she was normal, and genuine and funny and gracious - and I know this because I've met her.  Yup, live and in person, actually, I believe she's the only real celebrity I've ever met without having had to stalk them first (which means Bruce Springsteen doesn't count! :)

In 2007 I got an award from Weight Watchers when the Duchess was their spokesperson. As a result, Weight Watchers flew me and a friend, my BFF Cindy pictured with us, to DC for a little award luncheon and we all got to meet her and have 'photo ops.'  It was fun, and sure I was a bit star struck, but also very inspired and impressed by Sarah's speech and her Weight Watchers story.  She was entertaining and sincere and I was happy to have met her and proud to have her as 'my' Weight Watchers spokesperson. Weight Watchers even sent me a set of the professional photographs and a nice framed shot of Sarah and I.  It was a legitimate 'celebrity' meeting - unlike some of the other encounters I've had, like seeing Ethan Hawk across the room in a New York City diner or the NY Giants coach (at the time), Bill Parcells (whose name I couldn't remember) in a Dallas restaurant, or following Bobby Flay around Wegmans not even sure if it was him or not.

No, this was real, and based on that alone I was bound to like her - to a point where I'd want to defend her.  But you've got admit, this time it's a little tough to do - but I'm SURE she's got a good explanation ... even Dave seems thinks so:

See what can happen when you stop going to Weight Watchers meetings!? This should be a lesson to us all! I'm telling you this is not looking good - and I'm not even sure Oprah will be able to save her soul now.  Frankly I'm pissed, my only brush with fame, my only good celebrity photograph is now just an embarrassment.  And I don't think Weight Watchers is gonna be giving me any awards these days or let me have a do over with their new spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson (too many cookies, perhaps? :)  So I had no choice but to take it upon myself to remedy the situation - and I'm SURE no one will be the wiser!

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