Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcoming Team LUNA Chix to Buffalo!

Starting now, there's a new gang of 'Chix' in town! I'm so excited to announce that Buffalo is fortunate enough to have been selected to host a new Team LUNA Chix Running Team!

So what does that mean? Well, for starters, you should know that Buffalo gets to have the backing and resources of a great national organization with a conscious, Clif Bar Company. The Team LUNA Chix program was started in 2002, by LUNA, the makers of the ‘Whole Nutrition Bar for Women’. Their goal is to simultaneously provide quality experiences that draw women onto the roads and trails, share stories and tips to help build confidence and motivate women to connect in sports and their communities, all while supporting the Breast Cancer Fund which educates women to look at their surrounding environment as a source for healthier living.
(at the LUNA Summit with Buffalo Chix Laura & Kate)

As a new run team, we'll be working hard to recruit and encourage women to get outside and come run with us and join in the fun. Part of the Team LUNA Chix goals are to inspire, support and motivate women through sport without an overly competitive environment. So whether you're looking to run your first mile or your first marathon, check us out and come run with the new Buffalo Team LUNA Chix.

Three of us just spent the weekend in Mill Valley California at the LUNA Summit, a kickoff to the season with some guidance from LUNA along with information and training on how to best launch and run our team. A BIG thank you goes out to the organizers and main contacts at LUNA, Tina & Lavonne - along with all the other great people we met from Clif Bar Company. And how very cool is it that we were able to mix and mingle with members of the LUNA Pro Teams?  We even had training 'runs' with them - I use that 'run' term very loosely on my part! But their new Run Team Pro, Jane Kibii, has got to be the tiniest, smoothest runner I've ever seen.  To see her move from the waist up, you'd swear she was on roller skates! And the Saturday run clinic and easy Sunday run were really fun as well.  Jane just edged me out on Saturday at our 6 minute track run time trial (after she lapped me a few times!) and I had a chance to chat with Triathlon Team Pro, Terra Castro.  It was so nice to meet such a poised and positive endurance athlete; in the short chat we had I was very impressed with her level head and balanced approach to life and sport - it really is a rarity.  And, uh, I 'think' she's kind of 'fit' too ... as she trotted along beside me as I struggled at the end of my 3 mile run while she was putting the wraps on 22 miles!  She's tapering for her Kona bid at the upcoming Ironman St George in a few weeks, so be sure to root on our fellow LUNA Chick! 

When you have a chance check out the Team LUNA Chix website, I've been assured our Buffalo Team 'dot' and links to our local team page will be added soon to the main page. The beginnings of our local webpage and team information is here and we'll be posting our run schedule soon, I promise!

And what, you may ask, does this have to do with the cookie project?  Well, yeah, you're right, other than the fact that I'm not home to bake cookies this week, not a whole hell of lot at the moment.  But those LUNA bars, well they're worth writing home about, so just you wait, 'cause I have a feeling it's all going to come together eventually!

Now get outside and play! That's what I'm going to do!

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  1. Nice job! Looking good Lou Lou! :) Miss you.