Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pinch Hitters

So it's Wednesday, otherwise known as 'Cookie Day' at Gilda's Club.  And that's a bit of a problem this week, because, well, for starters I'm writing this Wednesday afternoon from San Francisco. Which means there's no way I could've delivered cookies earlier today. Time difference aside, I was shopping and eating and hanging out drinking wine and beer all afternoon - I know, no big surprise to those of you who know me!  But a bit of planning before I left last week, and a whole lot of help means the cookie project will not disappoint this week.

Before I took off for California I managed to bake and freeze a batch of light cookies, Chocolate Cherry Heart Smart Oatmeal cookies.  Those I had no concerns with, anyone can pop 'em out of the freezer.  However, the other cookies, Triple Chocolate Espresso Bean Cookies, which hopefully taste as delicious as they sound, wouldn't quite make the cut if they were served as big gobs of frozen dough.  But no worries here either, because thankfully I was able to sign up some pinch hitters, volunteer extraordinaire, Paul, and Gilda's club Volunteer Coordinator Heidi.  They sent along the visual proof that they baked the cookies to perfection and packaged and presented them perfectly as well!  Thanks so much to you both - I knew this weeks cookies (and very apropos back up LUNA Bars!) were in capable hands.
(The finished product! Produced, packaged & presented by Paul & Heidi! Clutch Cookie Project Pinch Hitters!!)
(This entry has been updated for all of my typos and poor grammar - if it's still wrong, then I need to go back to 6th grade!)


  1. The cookies turned out good and the clubhouse smelled great. Paul and Heidi were a great cookie baking team. Paul is a Jack of all trades around Gilda's Club WNY --he answered the phone, the door and a few other tasks while he helped to bake the cookies. One more great GCWNY volunteer. Still, we missed our weekly visit from the cookie baking queen and look forward to your return, Mary Lou. Hope your trip was good and as always thanks! And thanks to our handy in-house bakers too! Oh by the way, the chocolate espresso cookies make good morning treats too--that is if any are left over from the day before.
    ~Christy from GCWNY

  2. MLH wrote: "Thanks so much to you both - I knew this weeks cookies (and very apropos back up LUNA Bars!) were in capable hands."

    Don't worry Mary Lou, we are eating those too...:-)

  3. Nice job Paul & Heidi...I could smell the cookies baking!! Mary Lou...nice planning!!! And Toni, (desk volunteer on Wednesday's who always reminds me to take cookies home to hubby) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  4. cookies.....yummmmm I bet the smell was intoxicating...wish I had been there!!

  5. So.. you fly 2500 miles and can't add an extra 380 to visit your decrepid brother and his family in Los Angeles... Shame Shame!

    Reading your blog makes my blood sugar go up 110 points... but boy, they all sound great!