Monday, March 29, 2010

Restocking the pantry - with a little help from my friends

So you all remember Warren, right?

I ran the half marathon in New Orleans with him while his wife Jennifer and their friend Julie did the full marathon.  He seems pretty mild mannered and unassuming when you meet him, then you find out he's an Ironman, a police detective, and Buffalo Triathlon Club (BTC) volunteer race director (among other things) and you get the sense that he's just an all around good guy.  Well, I'll certainly never argue anything any different!  You see a few weeks ago we were both at a BTC meeting and he told me that he had something he needed to put in my car, so I walk outside with him and he opens his trunk and you'd think he'd just conducted a raid on the baking aisle at Wegmans!

Actually, I think he must have been shopping at a wholesale club, because in his car he had 4-10 lb bags of Flour , (yes, 40 pounds!) along with 10lbs of Sugar and the biggest bag of Confectioners Sugar I've ever seen, and all top quality stuff.  I know he's been following this little project of mine and he thought this would be nice way to contribute to it .... VERY NICE, I'd say.  Very generous and very much appreciated - so it doesn't look like I'm gonna be done baking anytime soon, and that's fine with me! Thanks for being a part of the cookie project Warren!


  1. I enjoy following your adventures in cookie making & think it is wonderful that you are donating them to Gilda's Club. You have great friends. Thank you Warren for supporting a wonderful cause.
    Kim K.

  2. and thank you to Warren...

  3. At 8:30 pm last night as Kathy and I were leaving Gilda's CLub, I checked the kitchen for locked doors, lights out, etc and there were only 3 cookies left from the 3 huge baskets that Mary Lou brought.....they were fabulous and while I feel badly about the carpal tunnel, the teeny jelly bean cookies tucked into plastic eggs made EVERYONE smile. Now I am personally looking forward to any homemade MaryLou cookie next week when I am off the matzoh diet and can enjoy again. A million thanks. Susan