Sunday, March 7, 2010


With the understanding that "one good cause deserves a free cookie as much as the next one" I took on a little side job this week.  When the organizers of the local 'Cure Me I'm Irish' fundraiser accepted my offer to provide some cookies for their event I was happy to make good on it.

The event was held yesterday and it's purpose was twofold.  First it was an event and  fundraiser to help raise awareness and much needed money for the NB Alliance which supports the research efforts to cure pediatric cancers and specifically Neuroblastoma.  And more importantly it was an event to show support to a local family and their young daughter, Melina Riniolo, who was first diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2004 at the age of 8.  You can see and read more about Melina on the event website and on her and her mom's Caring Bridge Journal - just be prepared to be very touched and inspired by their fight... and their heart... and their hope.

I'm anxious to hear how the event went, as I wasn't able to attend myself (and it's still not too late to throw a few bucks their way!), but did see a lot of great press about it including air time on 97 Rock and post event coverage on the late local news.  A friend in attendance commented on how crazy busy it was, so I hope that was a good sign.  I could tell by all the effort and activity at the Kenmore Knights of Columbus hall yesterday afternoon (when I dropped off the cookies) that SO much work had gone into this.
My part in this was a very small 'drop in the bucket.'  I did about 170 frosted shamrocks and hearts, which I think were sold as part of their bake sale ... the cookies were simple and I used the same dough recipe as I had used for the Valentine's hearts for Gilda's & RMH.  The only request of Terry Simmons, Melina's aunt and one of the main organizers of the event, was to have some with Melina's name written on them, which I accommodated on the hearts.  I did the shamrocks rather plain/traditional green and white and then the hearts were mostly done in a golden yellow, the color representative of the fight against neuroblastoma, with "Melina" written in green.

One thing I did enjoy doing with the cookies was my attempt at replicating part of the traditional Irish 'cladagh' ring.  On the ring, the heart is representative of love, the crown of loyalty and the hands stand for friendship.  I managed some cute cookies with the heart and crown and it's assured that all of those in attendance provided the hands of friendship.

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