Thursday, February 18, 2010

Double Chocolate Marshmallow Surprise 360

No, not this weeks cookie, but the latest manuever I've been working on in the half pipe!  Figure it's my best shot at out doing Shaun White's Double McTwist 1260 - and my only excuse for not updating this blog sooner.  As you may have deduced, I'm a bit preoccupied with all things Olympics.  I'm totally obsessed with some of the really athletic endurance events - mainly speed skating and cross country skiing.  Not that other events don't require as much athleticism, but let's face it; events like the Luge & Ski Jump require skill for sure, but also a lot more courage than brains or stamina.  And after watching all the crashes at the women's downhill yesterday - well those girls are just plain crazy!

No, it's the folks maxing out their heart rate for their entire race and collapsing across the finish line panting, drooling and frothing & foaming at the mouth that I can relate to - since that's not unlike my last Time Trial finish.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they have to work harder than any other olympic athlete, but let's face it, finesse aside, I do believe these guys:
are demading just a little bit more from their bodies than these guys:

With apologies to any of my Canadian friends since I know Curling lies just below Hockey and Beer when it comes to all things worthy in Canadian life.  But you have to agree that Curling, if nothing else is blazing a trail for the next new Olymipic events: Bowling, Billiards, Bocce and Texas Hold 'em!

Ok, enough of the Olympics, since the Pillsbury Bake Off is really more my speed anyway.  The cookies this week were both new and definitely worth repeating.  I made a light biscotti for Gilda's Club that I thought turned out really nice - and is very light.  Lemon White Chocolate Biscotti.  Actually, I did make the Orange/Semi-sweet version of this for another event, and it was equally as good - and no added fat other than whatever is in the chips and egg yolks - really worth the trouble to zest an orange or lemon.
The other cookie was my first attempt at a Martha Stewart cookie - so I take back any nasty comments about her (for now anyway).  This was a really fun cookie to make and turned out looking and tasting great.  Though I will confess to some frosting difficulties - not following the directions exactly left it lumpy and unpresentable, but my second go at it was exactly as expected.  You top each cookie with half a marshmallow part way through the baking process then after they cool (they'll deflate abit) you hide the marshmallows by slathering them up with chocolate frosting. They really did look just like the picture below - but I was bit tired given the aforementioned frosting snafu and forgot to take pictures. 
Time to catch the men's figure skating finals, then I've got to get working on perfecting my triple toe loop with a double back twist - I've never landed it in competition - but look out for when I do! :)


  1. Lemon White Chocolate Biscotti were great and the Chocolate Marshmallow cookies were fun and tastie. I overheard lots of compliments to the cookie baker. Thank You! Christy from Gilda's Club WNY

  2. MaryLou's cookies deffinatley change the world of families that stay at the Ronald McDonald House. It is just so nice to have such delicous cookies to comfort the families who are going through such difficult times.

    These Marshmallow cookies were fabulous and a great marshmallow surprise. All the cookies are perfict. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful baker who perfects everything she does. I thank Mary Lou on behalf of our families for her dedication to perfecting the cookies that are so enjoyed by all. Ellen Haley House Manager.

  3. Thanks for the kind words to you both - and I'm glad to hear folks are enjoying the cookies - it's truly been my pleasure!