Monday, September 20, 2010

There will always be cookies

The blog may have been skipped last week, but I can assure you that there were cookies - there was also a 1/2 ironman distance triathlon that got the best of me so I'll take the opportunity to blame the lack of blogging on the subsequent attempt to recover.  And if you're wondering what one must do to recover from such an event, the answer is 'nothing.'  And I mean nothing! To the point where standing, watching TV, or showering all amount to monumental tasks, and you can forget about those routine 'daily activities of living' like cooking a meal or driving a car.  But the good news is that a week out from the event seems to have me back to a semi-normal state.. and what a bargain I got:  'Only'  7+ hours of suffering during the race (when I could've taken as long as 8 1/2 hours) plus a good three days of serious recovery afterward and just think, I could've spent MONTHS properly training for it instead ... yup, quite the deal I got there! 

So about the cookies, well I'd had my eye on a plain chocolate cookie but the Martha version I found had a ridiculous amount of butter so I kept looking and found version through Cooking Light, Cocoa Fudge Cookies, that I think came out really good. The biggest problem being that they were a bit 'too' good - great chocolate flavor and a fudgy texture means that the 'light' thing kind of goes out the window after you down a half dozen of them!  But as the recipe notes, along with all of the reviewers, this was a simple cookie that was really good.  Thank goodness!  Given my physical state after the triathlon and my mental state after last week's lemon cake mix cookie fiasco I needed 'simple & good.'

I also sent along a batch of light Banana Pecan Biscotti to Gilda's club.  I thought they were tasty in a 'it kind of reminds me of banana bread' kind of way, but perhaps a bit too uh, "crunchy."  Which is my way of saying I over baked them the second time so I'm seriously hoping no one cracked a tooth!  My cop-out on that is that Biscotti not only are supposed to be hard, they also should be dunked in coffee or tea, or in this case "soaked" ... for several hours! Sorry about that ....

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