Friday, August 6, 2010

Please sir, may I have s'more?

So it's no secret that the Root Beer Float cookies were a bit of a flop - not that they didn't taste good, but perhaps just mis-named, since no one would've eaten either variety and thought 'root beer float.' After that, logic would say, do something that can't be mistaken, Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin, but, no.  Instead, I of course decide to give this whole 'bake a cookie that's supposed to taste like something else' another shot.  Now, I'd like to say I'd planned to bake the S'mores cookies to coincide with 'National Smores Day' on August 10th, but even I'm not that much of a nerd to know such a thing.  Well, ok, I know about it now - but that was only after a few google searches to try to come up with something interesting to say about s'mores. Sadly, announcing the upcoming 'National Smores Day' is about the best I've got. That and the little known trivia tidbit that the first known "Some More" recipe was published in a 1927 Girl Scout Handbook, "Tramping and Trailing."  Hmm .. "Girls Scouting" must have meant something a little different in those days.

So as not to tarnish my relations and the Castle family legacy with the Girl Scouts, I'll stop there, and return to the cookies.  S'mores - I'm not sure how these compared to the real thing - and I had a difficult decision to make as I stumbled upon many cookie versions of this flavor combination - which means there may be another variety coming soon.  As for this recipe, all the ingredients were there - crushed graham crackers and mini chocolate chips in the cookie dough, and toasted marshmallows along with chunks of Hershey Bars on top.  They had to be close, maybe spot on had I burnt the marshmallows!

(Also delivered this week, Lemon Cloud Tea Cookies, really light, not at all sweet and a 'melt in your mouth' texture that isn't totally loaded with butter.)

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