Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Resolution Record

At least for me it is! I just read a NY Times article where it said 1/3 of all the resolutions people make are broken by the end of January and over 80% of resolutions are never kept – I’m sure we know that all too well. I know at my gym the notion of it being ‘crowded’ is long over by Valentines Day, by then it’s bring on the dinner reservations and boxed chocolates with no memory of the December 31st declaration. And honestly, I’m not much of a ‘resolutionist’ either, more of a ‘wisher’ or ‘hoper’ or ‘prayer.’ I want to do things; make changes, be better, more organized, less in debt, but I’m typically not willing to put in the effort to get the results (sound familiar?). So to avoid the disappointment that comes along with the oath and a New Year’s Eve promise, I simply don’t bother, and if I did, I most definitely would NEVER, EVER tell ANYONE! I think the reasons for that are pretty obvious; I rarely need help playing the role of a fool!

I gotta tell ya, deciding to do something that you love, that you find fun, and that other people might like and even encourage you to do – and THEN ‘calling it’ a resolution, well, that’s a pretty good way to go about it. It’s kind of like giving up eating liver for Lent or resolving to be late for work or to eat more pizza , not really all that hard to do.

So here I am, all the way to the second week of January, and the cookie project is firmly intact. Not only are this week’s cookies already half done (thanks to the fact that it would be pretty hard for a biscotti to get stale – I made those last night) but I also can’t stop thinking about what else I can make and when. Bonus that it’s been a successful distraction from the single digit temps we’ve been having (and made me wonder why today I’m feeling like 19 degrees is ‘warm’), plus it’s got other people thinking about what cookies I should make too – and honestly, I love that.

A few of my friends have offered their help, and I’ve taken them up on it, and as soon as the weather breaks, and they get out of their flannel and fleece, they’re coming right over – I’m sure of it. Those that have been on the receiving end of my Christmas baking over the past years have been unofficially voting and deciding which cookies should go with each holiday, special occasion or season (Valentines, St Patty’s Day, etc), nice of ‘em, huh? Seriously, I thought so too!

I’m definitely onto something here – the key to a good resolution is one that’s so fun you’ll never mind doing it, so much so, that other people even want to do it for you too! How cool is that?!

For anyone who's interested, this weeks cookies are Chocolate Cashew Coffee Biscotti (pictured above) and because it contains nuts I'm also making Ultimate Maple Snickerdoodles which will be for the first time - so wish me luck on that one!

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  1. Hey, Mary Lou, you amaze me more and more every time I hear from you! What a fabulous project you have started! Count me in as one of your friends who has volunteered to help you.